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I'm Masahito Leo Takeuchi (most people call me Masa). I'm a web developer based in London.
Since childhood, I have had a passion to create. After leaving Central Saint Martins with First Class Honours, I freelanced as an Illustrator, taking part in exhibitions and working with clients in the UK, Japan and United States. With self-taught HTML and CSS, I have built and maintained my portfolio website since my student days.
Experimenting with keyframe animations and transitions, my interest in coding gradually grew, until I eventually decided to take my leap of faith, enrolling at General Assembly’s Software Engineering Immersive Course. During the course, I became acquainted with JavaScript, MERN and Python, and really enjoyed the continual learning that comes with coding.
I enjoy playing Pokémon and reading about its mechanics and bugs in the early versions. I am also interested in how it grew to be a global brand.
My wife's hugs and my daughter's squishy cheeks keep me going.
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  • Brief: to make a browser based on Pacman in one week, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (solo project).
  • It involved using EventListeners tied to keyboard inputs, setIntervals and setTimeouts, mapping divs into a grid to create logic for character navigation and collision.
  • Non-player characters’ motion behaviour would change according to the player's movement in the maze.
  • Brief: to create a website connected to an external API using React in 48 hours, in pairs.
  • We created a website to display details of 151 Pokémon from the PokéAPI, with filtering and sorting functionality.
  • Within the pair, I focused mainly on the CSS and keyframe animations controlled with state variables.
  • Brief: to create a website and API using the MERN stack in 10 days (group project, 3 people).
  • We made ‘Pokézon’, a site based on Amazon, but displayed fictional products in Pokémon.
  • I worked mainly on the front end, with focus on animations and transitions, implementing search bar with a drop-down to select categories and pagination to limit contents displayed on page. Users are also able to register, log in, add items to the shopping basket, and add comments to products. Collaborated using GitHub, Trello board, Zoom and Slack.
  • Brief: to create a website and API using the React and Django in 7 days (solo project).
  • I made ‘sixteensquared’, a website where users can create and share pixel art.
  • Main feature was a page where users can draw pixel art, recording the drawing as an array of hex colour codes. HTML canvas was also used to convert the image to png. Users could create and edit the drawing, comment and favourite other people’s work, and follow other users.
  • Website can also pixelate an image uploaded by the user.

Manager at Fuji Industries UK Ltd Apr 2014 - Oct 2020

  • Started as a Junior Buyer, progressed on to lead a team of buyer and logistics.
  • Liaised closely with head office and clients in Japan through phone calls and emails, and supervised suppliers around the UK through visits and regular phone meetings.
  • Mediated dialogue between clients and suppliers to resolve manufacture delays and product defects, which involved translating complex issues from English to Japanese and vice versa.
  • Interviewed, trained and mentored new personnel - standardised the working procedure by compiling a training manual, and composed Macro enabled Excel files to maximise productivity.

Illustrator for TED Aug 2016 and Apr 2017

  • Headhunted online to illustrate stickers for TED Summit.
  • Created illustration for over 50 idioms from around the world (can be viewed here).
email icon You can reach me at masahitoart@gmail.com.
cursor icon I also draw. Here's my illustration portfolio.
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